Most knitters we know can’t imagine parting with a precious skein of yarn once they’ve acquired it. Some of us have even considered renting a storage unit just for stash. I said “considered” – it hasn’t come to that. Yet. Still, every once in a while, you end up with more yarn than you need for a project, or you realize that the fiber just isn’t going to swatch up correctly. And that’s where our return policy comes into play.  As a small business, our inventory is closely monitored. We really can’t have a Nordstrom’s attitude when it comes to returns (after all, we don’t have The Rack to rely on for liquidation purposes).  We can take back your unused, unwound non-sale yarn in good condition within a reasonable period of time (90 days) and for store credit only. But we do need a receipt. With all of the promotions and rewards we offer, we need to see exactly what you purchased and when. That’s all we ask. Hold onto your receipt, which, incidentally, states the return policy at the bottom every time.


Also, we can’t take back needles, bags, patterns, or accessories.  Once those leave the store, they are yours for keeps! And if you buy some of our great clearance and sale products, that purchase is final as well. So please understand our policy on returns so that we can continue to bring you the latest and greatest merchandise for your next project.

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