Not to mention Hazy conditions – Kidsilk Haze Trio, that is. Okay, so we are in no danger of any of these weather conditions, but it doesn’t mean we can’t dream. And Rowan is making our knitting dreams a lot sweeter with new yarns and patterns available at Jessica Knits and Crochets!

Frost is a beautiful, soft metallic yarn that is perfect for garments. It shows textured stitches well and has some exquisite, elegant colors to choose from.

Tumble is a chunky, but lofty yarn that is 90% Alpaca and 10% Cotton. You’ll fall in love with the patterns and you’ll be amazed at how quickly is knits up. It’s a big yarn, but it won’t weigh you down.

Kidsilk Haze Trio brings you the beauty of Rowan’s always popular Kidsilk Haze in a heavier (but still lightweight) yarn. For garments and accessories that have that great look of Kidsilk Haze without all of the effort, this is your go-to yarn. And wait until you see the pattern book. One word: Am-Haze-ing!

Come get it while supplies last (and before the real frost hits!).

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