You know we are always happy to wind your yarn at Jessica Knits. If you can be patient, we are all about the winding. But did you know that you shouldn’t wind your yarn if you don’t plan to use it right away? That’s right. If your yarn plans to reside with the rest of your stash, in a state of unused bliss, then you should leave it exactly as you purchased it. If you wind it before its time, the yarn could actually stretch slightly which would affect the gauge for whatever project you might (or might not) have in mind for it. Also, the label is more easily misplaced, and then how will you know the care instructions for your new acquisition? So when we ask you if you would like your yarn wound, what we are actually asking is “Are you planning on unlocking the door to your house and running to your favorite chair to knit with this?” Okay. That’s an exaggeration. But know that when you are ready to use your Jessica Knits yarn, you can bring it in to the shop and we will wind it for you when you are ready.  We are also happy to wind yarn that was not purchased in our store for a small fee per skein and as we have time.

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