fbcover-1000-2Your knitting should be a unique reflection of you. This is no easy feat when most of us typically buy a pattern and follow it right down to the most minute detail. At Jessica Knits, we try to provide you with as many sample garments as possible so that you have a visual of what the finished piece might look like. But keep in mind that the exact color that the sample was knitted in might not be available. In fact, it’s usually the first color to sell out. That’s because it’s difficult to see past the color, and visualize what the garment would look like in a different shade, or even a different yarn, so people make the safe, but unimaginative, choice. In fact, it’s quite possible that even the designer didn’t pick the color – the company might have just sent a color that they had a surplus of. So break away from having to work up a garment exactly as it is pictured, or in the same colorway that you see in the shop. This is your opportunity to be creative. Find a piece that you are excited about, and let us help you find the perfect color for you. You’ll be a true original!

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